President and Founder

Doctor Stephen Schueler has been an emergency physician, teacher and author for the past twenty five years. After completing his Emergency Medicine residency at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, he practiced in a large suburban emergency department in Florida. He became board certified in Emergency Medicine in 1986, and has been an active member of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) for two decades.

Dr. Schueler is a recognized authority in the area of medical expert systems and demand management and has served as faculty to the ACEP Management Academy. He has consulted to the US Department of Defense and the U.S. General Accounting Office in the areas of consumer health information and self care. Over the past decade, he has published a dozen software titles that empower consumers to achieve better health. Dr. Schueler's Home Medical Advisor® multimedia CD series was honored with a National Health Information Award and has sold over 2 million copies, published in 4 languages.

Doctor Schueler is the President of DSHI Systems, a leading innovator in decision support systems for consumers and health professionals.

DSHI offers decision support solutions for use in the call center and at point-of-care. Physician-written and evidence based, DSHI products are designed to enhance the accuracy and quality of symptom triage and chronic disease management.


Director and Clinical Coordinator; Chronic Care Solutions

Gail Morrison, RN is the Director of Government Solutions and Director of Clinical Training for DSHI products.  Mrs. Morrison has over 30 years of clinical experience in emergency medicine, including supervisory and administrative positions both in the private and public health sector. Mrs. Morrison brings extensive experience in clinical training, electronic health records, certification of electronic health records for meaningful use, grant writing and writing and reviewing clinical content software applications.  She has served in multiple leadership positions in Brevard County Florida. She has received distinguished awards including the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) for both model and promising practices, Davis Productivity Award for development of a specialty care referral system and was recipient of the 2012 Florida Health Care Coalition Community Service Award.

Gail’s responsibilities at DSHI include research, writing and reviewing medical data, marketing, liaison with the Veterans Health Administration and participation in new product development.  Gail oversees all curriculum development and training for DSHI's programs, ensuring a smooth transition for the program users.  She has developed both traditional and web-based training programs to meet the needs of all end product users.

Throughout her nursing career, Gail has actively participated in staff training for electronic health records, preceptor for nursing students from the University of Central Florida and Eastern Florida State College and paramedic students.  Prior to joining DSHI Systems full-time, Gail was the Assistant Nursing Director for Florida Department of Health, Brevard County.  Gail has also worked in the aviation industry as a flight attendant supervisor, instructor and liaison with the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board.

Gail is also affiliated with the American Heart Association, Emergency Nurse's Association, Association of Case Managers, and Association of Ambulatory Care Nursing.

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