TEDP Emergency Back-Up | VA

TEDP back-up is an independent web solution created by DSHI Systems to provide VA triage nurses who experience VA network problems (think no TRM) and are unable to triage sick veterans.

In the event there is an interruption of service, TEDP emergency back-up is available upon request.

To report an interruption of service, please follow the instructions below. PLEASE NOTE that instructions vary with the time of day you are reporting your service interruption:

  1. A ticket must be entered with the DSS helpdesk.

  2. During regular business hours (8am to 5pm), Contact DSS help-desk at vha-service-desk@dssinc.com

  3. After regular business hours (5pm to 8am EST) you MUST contact DSS help-desk at (561) 284-7200 and press 1 to be transferred to the on call representative. Leaving a voice mail or sending an email WILL NOT be answered until the next business day.

  4. DSS will verify the network is currently unavailable.

  5. A temporary user ID and password will be issued via email after verification.

  6. User ID and password accounts will expire upon restored network connection by the VA.

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