TEDP Tutorials

1: Getting Started

TEDP is a clinical decision support software solution used by a Registered Nurse to provide telephone triage services to veterans.  Getting Started tutorial will expound on key elements to begin a triage encounter.


2: Selecting Chief Complaint

Selecting the chief complaint is a key element to perform telephone triage.  This tutorial will exhibit how to select the chief complaint for symptom triage and provide explanation of the duration and pain score for the selected symptom.


3: Interview

The triage interview is the Q& A session to evaluate additional symptoms and medical history data.  The tutorial will encompass all components available in TEDP during the triage interview.


4: Results

Reaching the results page signifies sufficient data has been collected to determine a system concern and recommended follow-up interval.  This tutorial will provide an in-depth overview of each section displayed on the results page.


5. Recommendations

The triage urgency of the system concern forms the basis for the triage recommendations. TEDP recommends a follow-up interval for provider evaluation and suggest the best location for care. The RN has the capability to change the system recommendations, referred to as up-triage or down-triage. This tutorial will demonstrate how to successfully change the system recommendations.


6: Education

Home care and interim patient instructions are generated by TEDP.  This tutorial will demonstrate the effective ways to provide education to the caller and how education can be documented in the final note.


7: Final Note

The final phase of TEDP is to ensure that you are satisfied with the recommendations and education prior to passing the encounter to TRMPlus.  This tutorial will provide an overview of the structure of the final note for rapid review by the medical provider.


8. RFI: Now, 911 or Now

This tutorial will demonstrate the results page when a triage recommendation ends with now, 911 or now.


9: Advanced Maneuvers

There may be times in TEDP that you may need to early terminate the triage call or abort the call.  This tutorial will demonstrate these advanced maneuvers.


10: Education Only Call

This tutorial will demonstrate how TEDP can be used to provide education only to the caller.  A demonstration will also be provided on how to convert an education only to an active triage.

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